Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"It's been a long time coming" Lamar Odom said in his 'Sixth Man Of The Year' presser. I mean really were they ever going to give it to anybody else? I mean could they even give it to anybody else? 14 points, 9 rebounds all 82 games and the one main reason the Los Angeles Lakers are still even in the championship hunt (due word to New Orleans). He should be a starter, he should be an All-Star (that's surely next-'Odom A Favour' ( is still relevant) and he should have been honored sooner. Still the NBA finally recognised Lamar Odom's sacrifice to his Los Angeles Lakers by naming him the 2011 'Sixth Man Of The Year'. Kobe Bryant was first out his seat to lead a standing applause and 'O' for the NBA's new 'Big O'.

The biggest, most dynamic, versatile threat off the bench has given the three-peat plugging but at times sluggish Lakers the spark and different dimension they truly need. Still Odom told everyone attending the press conference to sit down, acknowledged his team and growing family and humbly broke down as he truly thanked the people who he wished where there to see him. In a touching moment we really saw how much this selfless, sacrificing soldier has lost and all he has overcome to be there for others first. The truest sixth man of recent years he really personifies the truest sense of the 'teammate' phrase that embodies this award. Don't think this will be the last time his career will be recognised for this. This is only the beginning. Thank you and congratulations've truly earned it. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

(N.B. Apologies we have been out of action over the last few critical weeks in basketball, but we are back for that playoff push).

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