Saturday, May 7, 2011



Phil Jackson may coach his last game tomorrow night and by then if the Dallas Mavericks keep this up we may have a new NBA champion this year. As on Friday night the Los Angeles Lakers where lost in sea of blue 'Beat LA' t-shirts as they where hit hard by the Mavericks and their fans 98-92 in Texas. Without Ron Artest the Lakers battled hard but when Lamar Odom's start couldn't change things as the Lakers failed to finish off their opponet. Even Fisher's clutch three was only grabbing straws as the Mavericks European shooters shot the lights out en route to an 18-6 run and eventual win. Dirk Nowitzki had 32 points, besting Kobe's 17 but it was one-time Sacramento foe Peja Stojakovic who exacted revenge on the Lakers with 11 points in his clutch fourth to make 15 for the night. The Mavericks balanced attack helped tip the Lakers like Antonio McDyess as the Texan titans Jason's scored in bunches too. Terry heated up 23 from the microwave, while the Kidd known as Jason had 11 points and 9 assists against the defending champion Argonaut. Kobe's 17 points wasn't disappointing but what was the number of looks he got in the fourth quarter to lead to only four points. Still Bynum had an impressive breakaway dunk and an even better 21 points and 10 rebounds, while Odom's start ended him with 18 points."We're disappointed," Phil Jackson said "But we still believe we're going to win the next game and we'll go from there." Phil sounds confident that he and his Lakers won't be swept away. One things for certain though, if the Lakers didn't respect the Mavericks, they sure do now.

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