Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"We want to be at the top forever." A bold statement from the man at the centre of a bold move. The Lakers held a presser yesterday to introduce impressive, new Head Coach Mike Brown. Although the triangle offence goes with Jackson, Brown made it clear that the team would still be shaped by franchise man Kobe Bryant. After a meeting with his top man Brown told the media at the press conference, "This is still his team. We'll make sure that he'll have the ball in the sweet spots that he likes," adding, "he has a great understanding of my vision and he's onboard." Although critical opinion has been mixed it hasn't fazed Coach Mike. "Everybody is entitled to their opinion, I respect that, winning will cure all of that," the new Lakers leader stated. His time is now and if you dont think he's the face for the future, you better check your watch because this guy ticks. Let's get it started. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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