Saturday, September 17, 2011


NBA history live in your living room.


OK, so if basketball movies aren't your cup of tea and you still need to cure those lockout blues how's this for a brand of cognac? Over the years the NBA has released it's fair share of DVDs so which ones should make your rack? What follows is a definitive DVD menu of those 'where amazing happens' moments so legendary that they had to be recorded and kept in the library of basketball history.

KOBE DOIN' WORK: Spike Lee has directed some classic films from 'Mo Better Blues' to 'Inside Man' and 'Do The Right Thing' to basketball drama 'He Got Game'. Still when the die-hard New York Knick fan Spike went coast to coast and put over 30 camera's and a narrators microphone on Kobe that's when his movie moments really became legendary. As Kobe takes us through his Hollywood game from confusing his opponents-by talking plays with his teammates like Gasol in other languages-to the reason he constantly rubs his hands on his jersey, this is informative as it is cinematic in all the black and white, jazzy Lee trademark cinematography.

LOS ANGELES LAKERS 2008-2009/2009-2010 NBA CHAMPIONS: From Ariza to Artest, Derek Fisher clutch bucket to lutch basket and Kobe's celebratory leap to round up court celebrate the Lakers latest double up with these back-to-back DVD's.

LOS ANGELES LAKERS-THE COMPLETE HISTORY: Or why not take the greatest six disc trip down Laker memory lane from Shaq all the way back to Mikan? This DVD is big like Wilt, Magic like Johnson and cool as the ice of Jerry West. It's an epic marathon of history that may leave you needing Kareem goggles after watching.

MAGIC JOHNSON-ALWAYS SHOWTIME: Fun and entertaining just like the man himself. Earvin 'Magic' Johnson's story will amaze you like his passes (the opening highlight montage is incredible) and even leave you shedding a tear or 32. This is a one of a kind story of a one in a million personality narrated with class by Danny Glover. Time to really be told about the Lakers most lethal weapon.

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL-LIKE NO OTHER: The only thing that's bigger or more entertaining then this DVD is the daddy himself. Filmed during the day Shaq's talents where in South Beach, O'Neal talks life and basketball. With highlights to remind you of just how good he was and appearances in the community to show you just how genuine there is. There's truly no one like him, the NBA's biggest icon.

LIGHTS OUT: If you like your highlights with added shine then this NBA reel is the amazing choice you need to happen. This set goes in depth and behind scenes with interviews and spotlights on everybody from A.I. to Mike or some extended trips with Air Canada. There's a lot of Hollywood moments too from Robert Horry clutching at victory and Kobe Bryant's Babe Ruth attitude as he swings for 81. There's also magic from...well Magic. This truly is showtime. Lights out! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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