Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Kobe's new Jordan.


Who would of thought that one day Jordan would play alongside Kobe?

Well that eventually happened when Laker coach Mike Brown finally gave Jordan Hill some burn during L.A.'s massive, double overtime win against West and league favorites the Oklahoma City Thunder and burn did he. Hot like fire Jordan shone so brightly, hustling hard with an aggressive double double of 14 points and 15 rebounds and showing along with young stud Devin Ebanks just how good he is no matter the time or team. The kind of big numbers that show that this kid could be another weapon for the versatile loaded Lake Show is he performs like this most nights.

These numbers where just in the spare change of bench minutes. can you imagine how much more he could afford with more time? This former Houston Rocket raw talent could soar and propel further. From the fresh locks to the high socks, he could give the Lakers a Renaldo Balkman type dirty work, garbage rim collecting, enthusiastic energy player. A guy this team has sorely missed since Rony Turiaf danced away from the STAPLES bench. Like his second namesake Jordan could be another Tyrone Hill type Power Forward. Slight in build but strong in heart and basketball smarts.

From being another big body off the bench to joining Josh McRoberts lay up line spark of plugging some dunks to energise and pick up his team and fans while Bynum and Gasol take a seat. Jordan Hill could soon get a standing ovation as a fan favourite. Not only that, he could also be an off the bench and surprise X-factor for those opponents who play Mike Brown and fail to realise at first just how good he is.

Let's just hope the Lakers utilise him the right way and right away too come next week after breaking him into the big time this weekend gone. If not it'll be Los Angeles not Houston with a problem. We have a different, outstanding option and power player here primed for the playoffs. One that could really tie some of the squads weakest links together before stronger teams wink them goodbye.

After all what did they trade Derek Fisher for?

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