Monday, January 26, 2015


This photo says it all! Down but not out! Struggle builds character! One young, future star out for a year and not one, but two of the greatest players of all time injured and possibly done for good and you say your all about the game when you laugh & ridicule on here? If you want to beat us...then beat us straight up, 100%, full strength. Fair and square. That's true competition. Real sport! Otherwise this is not a game. One of these guys comes from a place that's like a second home. The other practically started and gave me a career in writing...not just basketball writing. Oh wait that's right we haven't made it yet...but we don't give up! Ever! Rookie year or last one. Stand beside us or behind us! It ain't over until we give up! Laker fans aren't supposed to be really fans right? First or worst still here supporting! This isn't my job...its my passion! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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