Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Los Angeles Lakers' Derek Fisher drives by Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo during the fourth quarter of their NBA game at Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 18, 2010. UPI/Jon SooHoo

Derek Fisher is one player that does more than what the history books say. His on court endeavours result more in his teams achievements (and with this team those achievements are normally pretty big). Simply put the guy deserves more shine (although he does get his due in Laker circles (but they better retire his jersey two)). After the Lakers home game against Washington Fish did make the NBA record books however. After Fish reeled in his 434Th consecutive regular-season game he became the NBA's active leader in consecutive games played. A big thing but not so much for an ironman of Derek's staure (speaking of which since everyones talking about who's next a statue would be nice two). He passed Portland's Andre Miller who's having a pretty disappointing week after being suspended a game (and that's where he lost it). Ever the professional team player Fisher's reactions to this feat where thankful, not cocky. Telling press, "There's a lot of days as an athlete where physically you shouldn't be out there. But when you remember those days when your parents or your uncle or grandmother or somebody that had to catch the bus, to get a ride, to get to work. You can't use a sore back, sore neck or sore ankle not to go and lace them up." The NBA player who holds the record for the most consecutive games played of all time was also a Laker. The legendary A.C. Green holds this honor until somebody, someday outplays him.

Aug 08, 2010 - Costa Mesa, California, USA - Los Angeles Laker RON ARTEST makes a special guest performance at the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding competition in Costa Mesa.

Ron Artest's continued incredible generosity and dedication to mental health awareness continues. After all he has said and devoted Ron did it big my auctioning off his championship ring. Well now he's going to do it even bigger. The All-Star guy really is all-time pledging to donate half of his $6.79 million salary this year. Now that really is something. His bucks don't stop there however, “I’m definitely considering the whole thing,” he says, “Or maybe 60 percent.” Ron, Ron is "very serious" about this thing which will come to plan next Summer. Ron stresses how he didn't come to L.A. for the money, especially with the Californian taxes he amusingly added. It's not about that for him, and as for his dedication to mental health, "The message is about the inspiration. That’s what I want, to inspire people. People will be like, ‘Wow. Why is he doing this? Oh, that’s why. Wow. We need to help educate." This 'bad' boy really is good, great in fact. Now where the ones learning the lesson. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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