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(Originally published on sister site 'BASKETBALL 24/48/82' and after all the Los Angeles Sparks are the Lakers sister team)

She's not got next, she has right now.

By Tim David Harvey

CANDOR:: can-dor Frankness or sincerity of expression; openness.

Let's be frank and fair here. Hype will always, eventually die down. It's a given. From Christopher Nolan directions to Kanye West outbursts, we'll anticipate, be excited, love every minute in it's moment and then ultimately move on and go about our day. That's the relationship between the common man and this machine called hype. This is especially true in the talent laden, promised haven of the basketball world. Even when hype is justified and major and not Harold Minor it will still calm down. Trophies will be polished and award shows will be tidied up and turned back into function rooms. Sad, but hey that's just the way it goes. Even some of the best guys in the NBA have to become free agents or go through some sort of change to re-establish a buzz. Just look at LeBron and Carmelo. It's not that any of these guys have lost any heat (pun not intended) but people in this entertainment consumer society are always looking for that new, hot thing.

So the worlds most underrated league and the worlds most underrated female sporting talent definitely don't stand a chance between Youtube and on demand networks making it virtually impossible to not watch exactly what you want, when you need. Still the WNBA should 'expect great' fans, boy do they deserve it. This isn't glorified Netball, you've seen the adverts and if you haven't you should really watch. This writer doesn't need to tell you how great it is, you should see for yourself. u need look no further then Candace Parker to see standout talent either.

CADENCE: ca-dence. Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory.

Parkers game is like poetry. Flowing with perfect rhythm, balance and poise, while singing with the loudest noise. The Los Angeles Sparks number three has been playing big like a Laker for three years now. Sure her hands haven't touched a championship trophy yet, but they have caught, consecutive dunks and received not only a MVP, but the passing of the torch from WNBA legend Lisa Leslie. It was a pleasure to watch the master and the apprentice together, in their all too short time together but now the teacher is gone, the student is graduating to her own legend.

Sure you've probably heard all this hype before, Basketball's next great hope. Well the hype may have taken a hiatus, but why should it? Candace is current and now, established and proud. The LeBron of the WNBA, to Lisa Leslie's Kobe. A leader, no longer raw talent but still getting fresher. Like Michelle Wie in Golf or the Williams sisters in Tennis, Parker is showing that sports is not just a mans world. It'd be nothing without a woman and the promise of Candace's potential is screaming this notion loud like James Brown. Now get up off your ass and see what this writer means.

Sure Tamika Catchings may have the best right now tag, the Seattle Storm may have the championship and Diana Taurasi may have the legend and that hot like fire ESPN cover, but Candace has the future and the world of basketball in her hands, whether your handing it to her or not. A star player and one of the greatest, her best is yet to come. With Tina Thompson and Delisha Milton-Jones also plugging the Sparks, parade routes may be a regular traffic problem in downtown Los Angeles soon, look out for that red, double decker London bus. As the wheels of her career go round and round, the WNBA's CP3 is going to travel further and further up the ladder of greatness. Besides she's already a potent 20 and 10 threat, at 6,4. Sure WNBA ball is a short woman's game (Shaq would make them all look like kids) but Candace is still putting up power numbers that her power, potential, post man husband, Shelden Williams can't deliver right now (no offence, it's the bench). This Basketball's his and hers are in different leagues sure, but who would you pick in a one on one? Her big brother two, Anthony may be an off the bench great, but Candace is off the chain. Sure her Basketball family is linked with greatness but she commands the top.

CANDACE: can-dace. Basketball beauty, the genetic make-up of a true star.

You see Candace aint playing...oh wait a minute yes she is. With the WNBA season being a Summer fixture like extra classes, Candace has taken her basketball studies overseas. Taking the Brandon Jennings route, (but in different ways) Parker is making up time that would otherwise be lost by playing for UMMC Ekaterinburg of Russia. Just like B.J. before and Shaq and whoever else next (with the impending, potential NBA lockout), Candace doesn't need the money, but she does need the playing time. Why, because any great player, established like Shaq or establishing like Jennings need to constantly hone their game to be the best they can be, whatever the talent. Sure Candace could heave up 100 made shots before she leaves the gym in the warmth and familiarity of Los Angeles, but nothing beats real, competitive action, or the rise of international ball for that matter. It did wonders for Brandon Jennings when age restrictions prevented his seasoning in the league and now it's going to expand the world-wide appeal of one of the best female athletes even more. Candace is no slouch overseas either, exporting her talents on a nightly basis. Playing just like she does in the States increasing her status over two leagues. She's making her point, or should I say points two, dropping more 23's than the Chicago Bulls gift shop.

Sure the fresh feeling of Candace Parker's hype may not have been left out a little too long, but what does that change? There is nothing raw or in the refrigerator about this cool, cold player. She's as hot as the forecasts predicted on and off the court. Ever since her 34 point debut this girl has been putting up numbers Shaq size and now at 24 with a family and a legacy, this woman's work and best years are still ahead. This former WNBA Rookie Of The Year and MVP, is already in the elite company of NBA legends, Wilt Chamberlain and Wes Unseld. If you drop the W, Parker still loses nothing and with all that she's achieved and her extra curricula, European vacation, Candace is chasing and gaining even more. Male or female, it doesn't matter, this talented Naismith and Wooden award winner is Basketball. Anyone who doesn't believe that should bounce.

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