Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Jan 19, 2009 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Laker LAMAR ODOM #7 was all smiles with KOBE BRYANT #24 in the second half. Los Angeles Lakers defeat Cleveland Cavalierst at the Staples Center Photo via Newscom

Houston had a lot of problems on Tuesday, namely their players who were in suits and ties rather than suited up, still the Lakers recently have been problematic two. So both teams overdrew it out into overtime as they struggled to overcome each other. The Lakers prevailed however to their advantage at home with a 114-106 win at STAPLES. Kobe was magic with 32, still it was Gasol who was cinematic with a clutch lay-up with just above a minute to go before the end of the game. Bryant went with pop culture and popular consensus, stating, "He's very white swan. I need him to be more Black Swan." I'm glad enthusiastic fan, Larry David didn't bring his golf clubs to this one. Pau was powerful in overtime with six of his 26 to go along with a machine-powered 16 boards. Lamar Odom, had the best vision however, as his stat's where a clear 20, 20. This guy really is an all-stats, All-Star. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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